As young passionate robotics entrepreneurs, we want to help people in their daily lives and we are convinced that our new technologies are a solution for the future. We offer high-performance drones to satisfy existing needs in many demanding sectors: scientific research, monitoring, industrial studies, cinema in rough conditions...


We create drones that are particularly tough, regarding the environment, and able to fly in all conditions (extreme cold, heat, strong winds, rain, marine environments, etc.) for longer than their competitors and adapted to all missions. Thanks to a system of customized modules that can carry any tools such as sensor, battery or whatever you need...


We provide to scientific research, high-performance drones that are nowadays at the forefront of the market, while caring for the wildlife. We use robust components designed for a long life with a priority selection for those made in France and Europe. Each of the components are quick and easy to change.

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Our drones are robust and resistant to an increasingly unpredictable climate and are able to fly in all conditions: extreme cold, extreme heat, strong winds, torrential rain, turbulent seas, for longer than their competitors.


In addition to adapt to the environment, we want to preserve it. We do our best to create the best products in the world. Products which are also the best for the planet:


- Robust components designed to last longer: Our batteries, which we manufacture, last 6 times longer than the batteries on the market. 


- Priority in the choice of quality components from Europe for a drone designed with "Made in France" know-how.


- Repair and continuous improvement at the heart of our products: Our UAV is designed for constant evolution. Just send it to us, and we will integrate the new improvement or add-on you need.  ICU was born from the innovation we wanted to bring to the UAV's sector. This is why all the innovations we develop can be integrated into your UAV, even several years after its purchase date. 




Adaption is the most important attribute in a constantly and rapidly changing world

Our customized drones for each specific customer need, are adapted to all missions thanks to a system of custom modules allowing to carry any tools, sensors, batteries, probe, winch, petri dishes or others.... Let your imagination run wild.

Discipline, control and environmental awareness

We are constantly evolving our products and manufacturing processes as part of our rigorous design, assembly, testing and analysis process. The materials used are safer for the environment, both for the people involved in their manufacture and for those who use them.


Drone Conceptor
Drone Conceptor

"My name is Robin, I am a robotic fan and have been developing drone prototypes for 4 years. I always have thirst for knowledges in this field and aspire to guarantee  ICU's continuous innovation."

Business Developer
Business Developer

"I am Ashvar, young entrepreneur, I studied at the EPFL in Switzerland. I am passionate about scientific research and want to contribute to the preservation of the environment and biodiversity."

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