ICU R5-460

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ICU R5-460



ICU R5-460 is the smallest of its category with a diameter shaft to shaft of 460mm, you can carry it everywhere with you in your luggages or backpack ! But size doesn't matter when we are talking about ICU R5 drone... Performances are far above his countermates. After 2 years of research and prototyping, the R5-460 is born. The perfect tuning with the perfect components, no price cut possible on any parts to achieve this huge flight time and its ludicrous nervousness.



Get ICU R5-460 for 3990€. Please go down to place order.


Innovation and quality to create an amazing drone

High compacity and strong internal organization


The frame is designed to allow just enough space for all components to fit in. Results are :


- Better performance in strong wind

- Better shock resistance.

Strong and durable frame design


The frame is built to allow high speed crash without breaking. 100% high quality carbon frame is (hand)made extra thick to protect electronic and allow high speed crash without worrying. Arms are the weakest link and can be replaced easily to be sure you'll never lose your drone whatever happens during his life...

Double Faraday cage for electromagnetic field protection


Electromagnetic field protection design allows you to fly next to high voltage lines or electric railroad without worrying about control. First Faraday cage is the full carbon frame protecting all components. Second one is the thick aluminium shield around IMU. Digital autopilot control data, telemetry and video transmission assure you strong signal between drone and ground station even at long distance from drone in strong interferences area. Error detection and correction assure you reliable communication between drone and pilot over unreliable communication channel. Even solar storm,  other radio transmissions systems or high voltage lines will ever be a problem again.




It should be a minimum for an outdoor drone... Would you buy a non waterproof car ? The ICU R5-460 is made to fly under heavy rain or snow, the floating design allow the drone to float and land directly on water (salted water is allowed too because salt should not be a problem unless you put too much in your pastas...)



Temperature control


Battery and IMU temperature control is the key to keep flight time and stability during all 4 seasons. Turn on your drone and wait 1 or 2 minutes for IMU heating. IMU will stay at regulated temperature to assure no drift in gyrometer, accelerometer and compass. Battery will stay warm in winter and fresh in summer. Don't worry to fly from -20°C to +40°C.

Autopilot and failsafe


Here to help you but fully manual control is still there to realise the most complicated missions. Control the R3MR via ground station to use autopilot and do full autonomous mission from take-off to landing and automatic disarming or just point&click wherever you want to go on maps in ground station to see your UAV navigate on his own to the defined point. Or go for manual control with many level of skill needed from stabilized and smooth move to accro (no level, drone keep angle as it is, user has to level manualy) to perform whatever you want like looping, flip, upside down control... With your pilot skills and imagination for limit.

New era in battery to combine very high energy density and high discharge rate.


But not without safety and longevity ! Here we are, the drone's most important part, the battery. Usualy, you have to choose between long flight time or nervousness. Why ? Because of the battery. The higher the discharge rate is, the heavier the battery is. It's not the case for the R3MR, his battery is able to feed up to 25% more energy in comparison with a standard LiPo battery. At 100% throttle, battery is only at 80% of it's maximum discharge rate. It means you can fly your R3MR like a racing drone without worrying about battery health. More than that, the battery is able to handle up to 300cycles (500 cycles if never charged above 90% and discharged under 20%), approximatly 3 times more than a LiPo. To keep it safe, we've added a smart module to give you many precious informations and statistics about your battery to never crash because of battery failure, this smart battery is also self discharging to ideal storage voltage if not used for a long time, before any risk of battery harm.


Because it's annoying and dangerous to play with battery, it is integrated and you can charge it by plug in charge to drone directly (0 battery manipulation). The key provided with the drone allow you to start the UAV in charge mode or fly mode which are 2 separates circuits for maximum safety (drone can not take off while charging or charged while motors are powered).

Package details

The R5-460 comes with all needed to start. Turn on and fly !

R5-460 full package :


Drone ICU R5-460 with GoPro 5 black and 3 axis gimbal /ready to use

Radiocontroler (for 1km range manual control) + 4x AA NiMH 1800mAh + charger

Smart charger standard (2h30) + power supply

USB Rx/Tx (for 2km range video + control via autopilot + telemetry)

8 propellers (4x CW + 4x CCW) 12"x4.5"

1x MicroSD card reader

1x MicroSD class 10 UHS-3 64Go

Ground station software on MicroSD (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Quick start guide

2 years of maintenance



Diameter (shaft ton shaft) : 460mm

Propeller diameter : 12in (30,48cm)

AUW weight (with gopro 5 black and 3 axis gimbal) : 1990g (2280g)



Max speed : more than 80km/h

Max wind (gusts) : 45km/h (65km/h)

Flight time (with gopro 5 black and 3 axis gimbal) : 45mn (more than 35mn)

Waterproof IP45

Shock resistant (thick carbon frame and damped internal electronics)



Resolution : 1080p @30fps

latency : <300ms

Range : up to 2km


Frequency : 5.8Ghz (compliant with EU and FCC rules)

RC controler (back up controler)

Frequency : 2.4Ghz (compliant with EU and FCC rules)

Range : up to 1km

Battery : 4x 1800mAh NiMH AA size


Ground control station

Frequency : 2.4Ghz & 5.8Ghz (compliant with EU and FCC rules)

Range : up to 2km


Control mode

Loiter : GPS lock + Altitude lock + smooth movement + speed limit + acceleration limit

PosHold : GPS lock + Altitude lock + inclination limit

Auto : Autopilot to follow programmed mission with waypoints. Autopilot from take off to landing

RTL : Return To Launch

Circle : Do circle

Land : Auto landing


!About pictures under! : Here is the latest ICU R5-460 prototype without 3 axis gimbal and electronic landing gears. Final version has integrated GPS, retractable landing gears and 3 axis gimbal with pan (+/- 45°, vertical to horizontal) and tilt (+/- 170°) control. Achieved 81km/h max speed on 300 meters acceleration (could go faster on longer run). 38mn flight time with battery from 95% to 15%.

ICU R5-460

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