UAV made for helping humans

Whatever your missions or your needs are, nothing is impossible for our high performance UAV. We are working day and night to provide you the most advanced features and performances to pull UAV ability at it's best everyday.


Each order is made in France. We think it's important for engineers and assemblers to work together in building processes to allow improvement for each drone.


Because ecology and environment are primary matters to us, we are doing everything we can to minimise carbon footprint of our products. That's why our providers are (as much as possible) located in EU and that we design each of our products to improve their longevity and maintenance. Our UAVs are designed to live long, for that we want our customer to upgrade their UAV in the future rather than buying a new one because, usually, almost all parts are good to go for more... Then, why should you throw all your UAV away for one piece ?


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ICU Buster prototype
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ICU Bowser
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