Remember your 460mm multirotor is able to hold 1 mod. Performances are affected by mod's weight, always remember the less payload you add, the best performances you'll get ! Add "contact me !" mod if you want us to contact you for a special mod.

ICU modules


3 axis gimbal with gopro 5 black is a 3 axis gimbal controlled in pan and tilt and perfectly smoothed from all propulsion system's vibrations for perfect shots. For waterproofing need, GoPro can be sealed to the drone. Use the MicroSD card provided in your kit for better performances. For R3-Serie's drone, camera cannot be a GoPro5 then we will use Xiami Yi 4K+ which is equivalent. Please contact us if you want another camera or no camera at all. Weight : 300g (max) (with GoPro 5 black and wires)


3 axis gimbal with entry level 1080p 60fps camera allow you to add a cheap camera to your drone stabilized on 3 axis (pan, tilt and yaw) and controlling it on 2 axis (pan and tilt). This camera is not as good as GoPro but it does the job perfectly when very high image quality is not needed !


Petri dish mod allow you to add a 9cm petri dish to your drone to catch samples in the air. The opening/closing of the petri dish can be achieved from the ground with your radiocontroller. The petri dish can be placed or removed easily without needing to open the petri dish and pollute inside's air.


3kg winch is a mod adding a winch with a 9 meters rope. This winch is able to pull 3kg maximum. We recommend 500g payload and 1kg maximum for better drone's performances.


Fixed TPV is a Third Person View allowing you to see one of your mods while the drone is flying. System is all included and ready to use.


Oriented TPV is a Third Person View radiocontrolled on 1 axis to allow you to see up and down or on the left and the right from the back of your drone. You can also ask us to program points of interest to control your TPV module automatically between 2 to 5 positions pre-programmed.


3 axis gimbal with HD cam 18x zoom  is made to see far far away. Add the very long flight time of your drone to get the most effective way to see everywhere from everywhere.


Contact me ! : please add this module if have a special demand. We can produce new modules everytime to do everything. We only need idea and user :)



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