Battery upgrade



ICU Standard (included)

Enjoy more than 30 minutes flight time. Still fly nearly 15 minutes with 1kg payload !

6mo warranty



ICU Professionnal

Do you need the most advanced energy system on your drone ? Allowing more than 40 minutes in the air, 35 minutes with GoPro 5 black + 3 axis gimbal and still up to 20 minutes lifting 1kg ? This is what you get when you upgrade to the ICU professionnal battery. This one is for very long missions. But nature thank you too ! The extrem robustness of ICU's battery allow you to use your battery for 600 cycles (100 cycles for standard drone's battery). More cycles means more flight before battery needs to be replaced. Save our biodiversity while preserving your money !


In comparison with standard version :

+40% flight time

+500% cycle life

Intelligent battery

2y warranty


If you go to the next page without adding any battery, you'll have standard battery


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Extra battery

Spare battery

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